Saturday, February 11, 2012


Well, this was a very great Saturday morning.  Tracy and I both had a great, fabulous, wonderful, joyous, huge weigh-in.  Are you ready for this...  MINUS 8 pounds for me and 4 pounds for Tracy.  Wow that is just what we needed, since last week was not a very good loss.  SO, that is 46 pounds for me and 18 pounds for Tracy.

We were told early on that it was going to be easier for me, "A man thing," and harder for Tracy.  Well, I have to say it is not for lack of hard work on Tracy's part.  She is so faithful to her workouts, and while it the gym gives it 150%.  Not me... I fizzle out quick and never do a complete workout.  I find it easy to say, "My back hurts, or Wooo, I pushed that set to hard (yeah, right.) 

I have watched Tracy get on the Treadmill, and spend 20 minutes in a hard fast run to get her cardio up.  Get off and do 40 Roman Chair lower/leg lifts.  Get back on the Treadmill and do another 20 minutes.  I get a workout just watching.

Well, my loss being bigger is not due to a better eating regiment or a tougher workout.  That just ain't the way it is.  It's just a man thing.

So, 288 down to 242... That's HUGE if I say so my self.

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