Thursday, March 1, 2012

Healty Tastes Great pays off.... Blood test results..

Today I had blood work done. After three months of hard work, meaning a strict diet, eating right, no sugars and no fats, I have achieved my goals.  Debbie, my doctors nurse said she was very proud of me.

My results are as follows:

Weight was 288 now 242. 

Total Cholesterol was 232 now 175 0-200 nominal.  Triglycerides was 161 now 89 0-150 is nominal.  LDL was 149 now 114  0-130 is nominal.  HDL is 43  40-60 is nominal.  Sugar was 99  70-100 is nominal.  Bilirubin is DOWN.

So, I was moved from Pravastatin to Crestor for another three months, just to assure my cholesterol is under control.

So, healthy feels good.... Really good...


  1. I always say-nothing tastes as good as BEING HEALTHY feels!!! :) GREAT JOB MARK!!!!!!!!

  2. So proud of you Mark!!!! Keep it up!! :)