Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Perfect grilled Panini....

My wife got me 100% whole wheat Deli Flat Bread.  I made a sandwich and took it to work.  My friend Luara said, that bread make great Panini's and gave me the following receipe, to which I have put my own twist on.  Thanks Laura..

Deli Flat bread.  Mix EVOO and black pepper, and spread on inside face of both sides.  Put on your favorite turkey meats, ham or healthy choice lunchon meats.  Two slices of cheese (your choice) on each side of the meat next to the bread.  This helps to hold your panini together after it melts.

In a George Forman Grill, place the bread side out (with the EVOO on it,) crust side in.  Grill it until your liking.  Great Sandwich...  Happy Eating...


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