Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Dinner with my famiy. VICTORY...

The Leathers/Mahurin family are a hard bunch to get together, with all the busy schedules.  Nevertheless, we pulled off another successful year.  This year, last evening we all met at The Brick House in Salem.  VERY good place to eat.  Even if you are on a strict diet.

I say diet, I was telling my twin brother on the phone this morning that I really don't consider myself dieting.  I am just eating right.  Eating what I am suppose to.  No junk.  No Fats.  No Sugars.  And, I am really enjoying it also.  I like a good challenge, and I think that is why I am having success. I am excited about the results, I feel better than I have in a very long time.

Now, back to my story.  As we all gathered, Tracy and I were the first to arrive.  I did this on purpose, as I wanted to study the menu and planning my dinner.  I was very impress to see some healthy choices, such as Spinach Salad, with Balsamic vinegar.  Baked or Blackened Tilapia.  Baked Chicken Breast.  Seafood mix.

I was excited and ordered the Spinach Salad and the Blackened Tilapia, with Rice Pilaf and Cottage Cheese.  Everyone was watching to see what I would have, as some had all you could eat fried Catfish, or a big ole Steak.  As the food arrived, everyone commented on how good my dinner looked.  The taste would not disappoint.  It was very delicious, and fulfilling.  I gave tastes around and everyone concurred the flavor was wonderful.  I really really enjoyed my dinner with my family.  Good Food, Good Family, Very wonderful and satisfying meal.  I was fulfilled, not busting full, but very satisfied.

My victory was ratified this morning as I stepped on the scales.  259 pounds.  I was excited to get my tablet PC and log my loss.  The graph continues to fall.  Closer to my target.

 It is all a mind game, and I am winning. 

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