Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Point of VIEW

I am not a professional dietitian.  I am not a professional trainer.  I am not a fitness professional.  I am just a fat boy, diagnosed with HIGH CHOLESTEROL, high other blood stuffs, enlarged liver and a fatty liver.  I was told, you have to change your life style, and it was a matter of life.

So, I have changed the way I eat, I have changed the way I think and am trying to reduce my size.  And, it is working.  Since Thanksgiving, I have have lost 26 pounds.  From 288 to 263.  So, I must be doing something right.

So, I have made this a project and I hope to share what I am learning as "WE" go along.

I have noticed that everyone has advise and ways to become healthier and fitter.  But, I can't do all that calorie counting, and carb watching.  Mine is simple.  NO FATS and NO SUGARS.  What I eat, I don't have two plates full.  My portions have gone to the size of my fist. And, I only drink black coffee, a little SKIM milk and water.  LOTS OF WATER.  And don't eat any of that processed JUNK.  Eat lots of FRUIT and veggies.  Fish, Turkey and Chicken.

I have made a hobby at finding, collecting and perfecting healthy recipes, that enjoy making, eating and passing onto others.

So, I started this blog in hopes that someone else can take the journey with Tracy and I.  And, I hope that  you have the success I have had so far.

Stay in the saddle, and if you fall off, dust yourself and get back on.  It is all a mind game.

Good luck, and I approved this message....

Mark and Tracy Leathers
Rolla Missouri......

Gave up loving to eat, to eating to live and loving life.

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