Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fat Boy Wreck-Tennis Accident

Can you believe this weather, for December.  Felt like a spring day out  So, Tracy and I decided to go play Tennis today.  I got Tracy a new Tennis Racket for Christmas, to stimulate our getting out, exercising, getting healthy.  Great Plan....!

We got out to Ber Juan park, and no one was on the courts.  We start by volleying the ball back and forth, getting loosened up and getting our swing back.  It has been a bunch of years since we have played.  The Weather was beautiful and I was feeling my oats (or my oatmeal from breakfast.)

We both had some wild shots, and we spent a lot of time chasing the ball.  More chasing than volleying.  Well, I decided to Andre Agassi an overhead ball as I chased to my right and to the back of the court.  Well, me being a "FAT BOY" means I am pretty thick on the upper end, and I am not talking about between the ears.  Not saying that I am not thick between the ears cause I am, I am talking upside down bowling pin thick.

 So, as simple physics would have it, an object in motion tends to stay in motion.  A large heavy object in motion, tends to go faster than the feet can carry it.  So, as I ran, hunkered over like a bull charging, trying to stay on my feet, my upper body going faster than my legs could carry me, I fell, slid about 5 feet, head first into a fence post.  A big metal gate fence post.

My glasses went flying, I saw those little planetary object circling my heads, and I think was momentarily knocked out.  As I became cognizant of my surrounding Tracy had already made it across the court to me and was saying, "Are you alright, Mark, are you alright."  After a few seconds, and after the planetary objects stopped circling my head, I said, "I think I am."

My lip was bleeding, my knee was bleeding, my left elbow and left side rib area was thriving in pain.  I walked around for a bit and composed myself, and Tracy and I were able to have a good laugh.  What little bit I could laugh.  You really need intact ribs to laugh.  I bet I looked like a NASCAR wreck in turn three at Talladega.

We jumped in the car to take my glasses to Dr. Faulkenheins to get repaired.  We arrived just as the Office personnel were locking up.  She was able to put my lens back in and I will have to go back next week to have em straightened out.

We went grocery shopping and I said, "We have to go back and play tennis."  So we ate a banana and  headed back to Ber Juan Tennis courts.  I did not do much Aggassi, but had a nice time with Tracy just hitting the ball back and forth.

I feel like I have been hit by a Mach truck.  I have a knot on my forehead, a booger-ed up arm and a half dollar size asphalt rash on my knee.  Man I hope I can get out of bed tomorrow.

Oh, its OK to laugh about it.  We are.  Including my mother in law.  Although, my mother wants me to go the ER.... I think I will be fine.

I am calling this, "My Fat Boy Wreck...."


  1. Yep, we laughed! All of us...a lot... Thanks for the story to share on our road trip. Hope you can walk tomorrow.

  2. Hi Mark,
    I so love your and Tracy's sense of humor around this.
    Laughter itself is very healing.