Sunday, January 8, 2012

Amazing Invention-Vacuum Sealer..FoodSaver

I need to tell everyone about the FOODSAVER vacuum sealer. What a fabulous product.  And, Jarden Corporation sure knows how to take care of a customer.

When Tracy and I were in Texas last summer, we purchased a new FoodSaver (Game Saver Plus) at Cabelas in Fort Worth.  We loved the product, and in fact this was our second unit.  We just absolutely wore out our first one.

Well, the new unit had some problems, as it would not completely evacuate all the air, and sealed the bags too early. And, the sealer was not going long enough to make a complete seal.  We lost some foods we had packaged with the unit.

I went online and found the Jarden Corp. right here in Missouri.  Joplin in fact.  I explained our problem and the customer service rep was great.  In fact, they replaced our unit and up graded us to a deluxe model.  AND WE LOVE IT.  It works superb.

We love the unit so much, I email Jarden to thank them and told them I would be putting this on my blog.  They liked that so much, they sent me another unit (O MY LORD) you folks are amazing.

So, the FoodSaver DELUXE is a fabulous unit and we love Jarden Corp.  Thank you guys for such a great product and ABOVE AND BEYOND customer service, that is not heard of much these days.

Mark and Tracy

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