Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lamberts-Home of the thrown roll

Went to Sikeston on a field trip today to visit DPS there and look at their digital trunking radio system.  We got to Sikeston just in time for lunch so, LAMBERTs it is.

Now if you have ever been to a Lamberts, you know it has some very fine dinning.  So, I studied the menu to see some very delicious choices.  Well, I also found baked and smoked chicken, so elected baked.  I got baby carrots and cottage cheese. 

I was hit with a roll so, I had to eat most of it.  Well, the chicken breast was delicious and I ate it all.  The best chicken breast I have even eaten.  The carrots were very sweet and I didn't eat much of my cottage cheese.  I did ask for a serving of the macaroni and tomatoes, but it was also way to sweet.

On the way one I mentioned to Jason that I thought the macaroni and tomatoes was way to sweet, and that I didn't remember them being that way.  Then I was reminded by Paula that I was not eating sweets and was probably sensitive to things sweet.  Wow, never thought about it that way.

Hopefully I am just sensitive to being "full figured" also.