Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shucking the pounds...

I had a great week!  I really controlled the eating and kept on the my regular eating plan.  I just could not wait to see what the scales were going to tell me, because I felt it was going to be good.  AND IT WAS, very good.

This fat boy is going down.  Started at 288 pounds and my weigh in this morning was:

WAIT FOR IT, wait for it.....   252 pounds.  That is minus 36 pounds if my hard math is correct, he he...

I took some advice from my friend Matt , who had told me that he only weighs on Saturday morning and that  he does not have to watch the up and down roller coaster.  And, now I agree with him.. Thanks Matty.

My Tracy just did a weigh in and is minus 3 pounds this week.. YAY TRACY...

I have to admit, it is so much easier to concur goals when the both of us are doing this as a project and together.  We keep each other in check and we both look for ways to achieve results.


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