Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our favorite recipe...

Scallops, Brocoli and mushroom.. YUM...


  1. So how about a recipe here? It looks delic! What type of oil, seasonings.....any type mushroom work? Hi Mark!

  2. I have used canned mushrooms, but the fresh work and taste better. I am going to try Portabellas next time. The only seasoning I used was the soy, and a dash of garlic powder. The taste is really good with the Scallops seasoning everything. And, putting the rice in at the end and mixing it in is the best solution. The rice takes on the chicken broth and kinda makes a scallop mushroom gumbo.

    Tracy loves this dish. It is a meal in itself. Enjoy....Mark

  3. Oh, the recipe is on this blog under December 2011 in the archives. It was just a repost, I love to show off pictures of food...

  4. New twist.. We added shrimp to the mix and it was great. This is truly one of our favorite dinner dishes.

    Mixing the rice in is the best. The rice soaks up the Chicken Broth...YUM..